Carine Gutlerner à Carnegie Hall







Among some CONCERTS to come :

-"Accueil Musical" : Eglise Saint-Merry

76, rue de la Verrerie

75004 Paris

Sunday February 2, 2019 at 8 PM


-"Autour du piano": Fondation Dosne-Thiers

27, Place Saint-Georges

75009 Paris

Saturday March 30 , 2019 at 8 PM



Among some passed CONCERTS :

- Pazo de Bendeiro (Lalin, Spain 2018)

-"Autour du piano": Fondation Dosne-Thiers (Paris, 2018)

-"Accueil Musical" : Eglise Saint-Merry (Paris, 2018)

- La Chartreuse (Sèvres, 2017)

- Music - Académie d'été au Moulin (Saint-Vincent-Rive-d'Olt, 2017)

Pianos Maene (Bruxelles, 2017)

Casino Barrière : Salon des Gouverneurs (Trouville-sur-Mer, 2017)

-"Accueil Musical" : Eglise Saint-Merry (Paris, 2017)

- "Autour du piano": Fondation Dosne-Thiers (Paris, 2017)

- Harmonia Cultural Center (Jerusalem, 2017)

- 'Les Petits Concerts du Sablon' (Brussels, 2016)

- Auditori Castanyer (Barcelona, 2016)

- CARNEGIE HALL (New York, 2016)

- UEVACJEA (Paris, 2016)

- "Autour du piano" : Fondation Dosne-Thiers (Paris, 2016)

- Mairie de Mont-près-Chambord (Mont-près-Chambord, 2015)

- CCLJ (Bruxelles, 2015)

- Eglise d'Albas (Albas, 2014)

- CARNEGIE HALL (New York, 2014)

-"Accueil Musical" : Eglise Saint-Merry (Paris, 2014)

- Atelier de la Main d'Or (Paris, 2014)

- L'Enclos Rey (Paris, 2013)

- "La Chartreuse" (Sèvres, 2013)

- 'Les Petits Concerts du Sablon' (Brussels, 2013)

- Temple de Blois (Blois, 2013)

- Notre Dame de Bon-Secours (Trouville, 2012)

- Pianos Maene (Brussels, 2012)

-‘ Les Petits Concerts du Sablon’ (Brussels, 2012)

- "Autour du piano" : Fondation Dosne-Thiers (Paris, 2011)

- Eglise du Bon-Secours (Paris, 2011)

- Eglise de Martiel (Aveyron, 2011)

- Carnegie’Small  (Paris, 2011)

- All Faith Chapel (Kansas State University, 2011)

- Murphy Hall (University of Kansas, 2011)

- CARNEGIE HALL (New York, 2006, 2008, 2011)


AUDIO EXCERPTS (piano, live concert)

- Johann Sebastian BACH (1685-1750) : English Suite II

Prelude                                                                             4:49

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- Johannes BRAHMS (1833-1897) : Vier Klavierstücke op. 119, no. 2

Intermezzo                                                                        5:47

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- Ludwig van BEETHOVEN (1770-1827) : Sonata op. 57

3rd movement (excerpt)                                                     3:50

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- Béla BARTOK (1881-1945) : Sonata

Allegro moderato                                                               4:50

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C. Gutlerner, piano - Bach, Beethoven, Brahms




J.S. Bach:  English Suite  II
Beethoven: Sonata op. 109
Brahms: Klavierstücke op. 119
Carine Gutlerner (Piano, live concert) CD (Ú-M-K, Budapest, 2010)

Price: 20 Euros + mailing fees

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C. Gutlerner, piano - Frank, Moussorgski








César Franck: Prelude, Choral and Fugue
Modest Mussorgsky: Pictures at an Exhibition
Carine Gutlerner (Piano)

C. Gutlerner, piano - Beethoven, Brahms








Ludwig van Beethoven: Sonata op. 111 in c minor
Johannes Brahms: Klavierstücke op. 118
Carine Gutlerner (Piano)
CD (C.E.A. MUSIKA, 2014) /FNAC / Arcades




The performer combines emotion and classicism to perfection, offering through her performance style a subtle bond between power and restraint.  Nelly Taillot, Ouest-France


After a superb recording, dedicated to Franck and Mussorgsky, Carine Gutlerner pursues an amazing path – solitary as most of the true artists indeed – but with a dimension that would be like a quest of a universe both musical and spiritual at the same time (…). She touches us exactly at the right moment, ‘where and when’ one should be moved. Stéphane Friédérich, Pianiste


Carine Gutlerner’s mastership and refinement. The audience was completely conquered by a grandiose musical performance, still asking for more. The variations on the greatest composers gave the dimension of this very exceptional artist. La Dépêche du Midi


Carine Gutlerner is a citizen of the world and a talented music ambassador, who appeared in countless cities (...). Carnegie Hall was filled to capacity (…). At the conclusion of the concert, the audience gave her an enormous applause and everyone hopes to hear her soon again. Else Hvitendahl, Norwegian American Weekly


There were moments of inspiration and beauty. Ms. Gutlerner played with commitment and special attention to detail (...) the performance was solid. Ms. Gutlerner’s playing of the Brahms pieces was exceptional. Jeffrey Williams, New York Concert Review


The audience could appreciate her performance, alternating powerful and peaceful moments, always expressed with deep emotion, thanks to the perfect mastery of her instrument. La Nouvelle République


Her sincerity is deeply moving, thus creating a feeling of ‘plenitude’ and the acceptance of being oneself (…). The construction is perfect and reveals a density of sound that avoids any superfluous effect. Stéphane Friédérich, Pianiste


Carine Gutlerner’s touch works wonders: she perfectly captures every single idea in music (…). Masterly playing in all aspect ! Roger Bouchard, La Renaissance


The famous pianist of international reputation Carine Gutlerner has enchanted the audience with a recital of a very high level. She entirely reveals herself as “a romantic performer” in the works that she plays. Jacques Henry, La Nouvelle République


Masterly playing combining power and polish with the intimacy of a salon. Robert S. Clark, The Hudson Review


Her playing is assured and geared to the cult of the artist in complete control (…) a Sturm und Drang artist, capable of offering genuine moments of calm and tenderness. Barry L. Cohen, New Music Connoisseur


The extraordinary pianist Carine Gutlerner is a bravura and adventuresome performer, clearly confident with creating grand effects at the keyboard. Robert S. Clark, The Hudson Review


Carine Gutlerner is one of the most gifted and accomplished pianists I have ever heard (…).  There are very few artists of her artistic imagination and sensitivity presently playing before the world public. Jack Winerock


Carine Gutlerner's sense of drama and many-layered technique brought dash, poignance and ultimately wonder to my 'Abandoned Bells'. William Mayer


Theatricality and  mastery of playing—with ultimate prolongation of a  resonance, the suspension of a sound or a chord—all which illuminate the score in a very original way and in an unexpected manner (…) superb talent of a pianist - musician. Roger Tessier


Carine Gutlerner is one of those very few and precious artists, who consider that the complete and the sincere expression of what they reveal behind their modesty, is their true reason to exist (…). It is the accomplishment of a wonderful performance, with genius' conceptions of interpretation. Serge Blanc


An exceptional musician, with an acute sense of pitch, a true understanding of performance style and very strong ideas on interpretation (…) boundless enthusiasm and unusual powers of concentration. Simon Carrington


With a rare intensity and a rare beauty (…) powerful, intense, precise with a unique sensuality… Serge Kribus


Analytical rigour and romantic passion. André Lorant