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"Ici et au-delà " ("Here and beyond") / charcoal on paper, 150 x 100 cm


CARINE GUTLERNER -- As a Graphic Artist, she studied at the Académie des Beaux-Arts d'Anvers and at the Académie de Boisfort in Belgium. She continued to draw from models and to work with wellknown artists, like Françoise André (mentionned in L'Aventure de l'Art au XXème Siècle, Jean-Louis Ferrier). Her work is specially oriented toward the 'human being', oscillating between reality and imaginary worlds, letting inner faces appear. She works with charcoal, pencil, ink or watercolor and uses big sizes for her art work.

Carine Gutlerner had exhibits in Belgium, in the United States and in France. She has also illustrated some books for the L'Harmattan Editions in Paris (including the creation for the Logo -black and white faces- for Littératures Comparées, Collection directed by Pierre Zirkuli, L'Harmattan, the illustration for the cover of Les riches heures by Bernard Jestin, the illustration for the cover and drawings for L'instant lumineux by Pierre Zirkuli, the conception for the cover and drawings for La structure fine de la relativivité restreinte by Yves Pierseaux ...).

In France, Carine Gutlerner is a member of the ADAGP (Society of the Authors in the Graphic and Plastic Visual Arts) and of the Fondation Taylor (Paris).


Among some EXHIBITIONS :

- Art Contemporain Sèvres at  "La Chartreuse"/ Art Contemporain Sèvres (Sèvres, 2013)

- "Galerie de la Scène Watteau" (Nogent-sur-Marne, 2013, 2015)

- La Demeure des Artistes (Paris, 2014)

- Carré des Coignard with the sculptor Xavier Carnoy (Nogent-sur-Marne, 2015)

- Maison des Jeunes et de la Culture Louis Lepage (Nogent-sur-Marne, 2016)

UEVACJEA (Paris, 2016)

- Hôtel de Ville : Salle du Conseil et Rotonde (Trouville-sur-Mer, 2018)

- Art Contemporain Sèvres à "La ChARTreuse" (2023) a Saturday, October 7, 2023 at 6:00 PM : vernissage



Art Book with drawings and a text written by André Lorant :

Carine Gutlerner : Traits de mémoire. Oeuvres graphiques (Cohen&Cohen, Editions. Paris, 2015, 362 p., 289 drawings). The book won the Prix Botticelli 2018

Carine gutlerner. traits de mémoire

The issue of Francopolis of March-April 2023 is on line :

The review includes :

Marc Gutlerner – Poésies. Avec des dessins de Carine Gutlerner (see also 'La Bibliothèque Francopolis')

Marc Gutlerner - Poésies. Dessins Carine Gutlerner. Preface by Michel Bénard (L'harmattan - L'orizzonte, Editions. Paris, 2023, 60p. ). NEW !

Couverture Marc Gutlerner Poesies

+ Michel Bénard's Chronicle was published in the Review "Traversées" :






I knew the pianist, but not the graphic artist. There too, it was a true revelation. The line is powerfull, precise, revealing all the inner power of her subjects. They are mostly composed by human elements with a majority of portraits, revealed by the art of capturing the inner soul. They translate the indescribable. Michel Bénard - Prix Botticelli 2018 (Lauréat de l'Académie Française. Chevalier dans l'Ordre des Arts et des Lettres. Poeta Honoris Causa.)


Moreover, beside her multiples qualities, Carine Gutlerner possesses this ineffable gift to awaken admiration and deep emotion by her graphic art work. Claude Bochurberg. Actualité Juive.


Pianist and composer Carine Gutlerner is a multi-talented artist. " I started to sing before I could speak, and I drew before I started to write", she said smiling. Louise Delépine, Ouest-France


Trouville-sur-mer. 18 février, 02:24

FEBRUARY 19 to MARCH 9, 2018 

"When she says not to be able to express her deep feelings and emotions through life with words only, Carine GUTLERNER uses other means of expression with tremeduous talent, in a similar way that she performs at her numeruous piano recitals, but also with the singing that she masters while conducting her choirs, with her own compositions by creating a new musical texture and finally with her drawing, that represents another facet of her incessant creativity  (...). Visit the exhibition and also discover her music CDs, as well as her Artbook Traits de mémoire : oeuvres graphiques by Carine Gutlerner published by Cohen & Cohen, editors. Salles de la Rotonde et du Conseil, Hôtel de Ville. February 19 to March 9, 2018."


Working on big sizes, Carine Gutlerner presented her portraits in black and white in charcoal of imaginary or real people (...) an amazing exhibit, that left no one indifferent. Magazine de Nogent-sur-Marne


Carine Gutlerner is a 'complete' artist, using different types of expression (...). Her drawings are also oriented toward impressive large scale themes (...). André Lorant


The emotions are served by a highly mastered technique, going through a whole journey, a very moving life path. Catherine Angelini


Art could be the inner face of a lost and engulfed world. It emerges from the memory of stone. Carine Gutlerner's art work goes beyond the earth's limits. Roger Tessier


Carine Gutlerner, composition, piano

Ballade dans le vent .........................................2:00



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