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CARINE GUTLERNER Pianist (recitals at Carnegie Hall), Choral Conductor, Composer (film music : « Anne Frank's Diary», « Paul Delvaux », «Nana»…) , Doctor of Musical Arts — has earned many First Prizes including those in Piano, in Choral Conducting, in Chamber Music and in Music History at the Royal Conservatory of Music of Brussels (Belgium). In the United States, she attained a Master’s degree in Choral Conducting, a Master’s degree in Piano Performance and a Doctorate of Musical Arts (D.M.A.) in Piano Performance.



Her first choir master was Moïse Franco (Choral Conductor at the Great Synagogue Van den Nest in Antwerp, Belgium). She had singing lessons with Vera Loewy-Berning (disciple of Hermann Weissenborn). As a choral conductor, she had the opportunity to work with Simon Carrington (The King’s Singers) and had masterclasses with Barry Rose (Choral conductor at the St Paul’s Cathedral in London). Her choirs won the First Prize at the «Rencontres Chorales de la Communauté Française » in Belgium.


She  conducted many choirs in Belgium (Music Academy in Brussels, Royal Conservatory of Music of Brussels, Royal Conservatory of Music of Mons…), in the United States (University Singers, Madrigal Singers, Lawrence Arts Chorale…) and in France (Conservatoire National de Région de Cergy-Pontoise…).

Presently, Carine Gutlerner is conducting the ‘Chorale Mitatam’* in Paris and the ‘Chorale du Cercle Communautaire de Nogent’**. She recorded a CD "Mémoire et Résistance en musique" (Paris, 2015) with these choirs, sponsored by UEVACJEA (Union des Engagés Volontaires Anciens Combattants Juifs 1939-45 Leurs Enfants et Amis) integrated by the Mémorial de la Shoah since 2016, by CCN (Cercle Communautaire de Nogent) and by the  FMS - Fondation pour la Mémoire de la Shoah (Funds of the Memory of the Shoah).

Dr. Gutlerner is also a renowned teacher and is presently holding a Tenure Professor Position in Piano Performance at a Conservatory in Paris.

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Both choirs -- the ‘Chorale Mitatam’* and the ‘Chorale du Cercle Communautaire de Nogent’** -- are united under the name Chorale Mit a Tam de la Commission Engagés Volontaires Juifs du Mémorial de la Shoah since 2017. They present annual concerts with a varied repertoire from the Renaissance to present times, including songs from various folklores.

The choirs were invited to perform together at 'la Scène Watteau' (Nogent-sur-Marne), at UNESCO (Paris, 2010, 2012), at the 'Mairie du 2ème Arrondissement' (Paris, 2011), at the 'Mémorial de la Shoah' (Paris, 2009 - 2013), at 'l'Eglise Sainte Croix' (Paris, 2014), at 'l'Eglise Saint-Saturnin' (Nogent-sur-Marne, 2015), at 'l'Eglise Saint-Jean-Baptiste' (Le Perreux-sur-Marne, 2016), at UEVACJEA (Paris, 2005 - 2016), at les Rencontres des Chorales Juives (Paris, 2008 - 2019), at 'La Commission Engagés Volontaires Juifs du Mémorial de la Shoah' (2017-2019).




- Katiusha : Chorales Mitatam / CCN //  Dimitri Artemenko, violin ; Vadim Sher, piano ; Carine Gutlerner, conducting

- Halleluia (Judas Maccabeus, Haendel, excerpt) : Chorales Mitatam / CCN // Julia Sula, solo ; Dimitri Artemenko, violin ; Jean-Claude Tartour, violin ; Anne-Sophie Pascal, alto ; Marie Gremillard, cello ;Vadim Sher, piano ; Carine Gutlerner, conducting


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