C. Gutlerner, piano - Beethoven, Brahms




RELEASE in 2020

..Ludwig van Beethoven: Sonata no. 23, op. 57  "Appassionata"
..Johannes Brahms: Intermezzi op. 117, Sonata ..no. 3, op. 5

..Carine Gutlerner, Piano
.CD (C.E.A. MUSIKA, 2019) /FNAC

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C. Gutlerner, piano - Beethoven, Brahms







Ludwig van BEETHOVEN: Sonate op.111 in c minor
Johannes BRAHMS: Klavierstücke op.118

Carine Gutlerner, Piano

CD (C.E.A. MUSIKA, 2014) /FNAC / Arcades


C. Gutlerner, piano - Frank, Moussorgski








..César FRANCK: Prelude, Choral and Fugue
..Modest MUSSORGSKY: Pictures at an Exhibition

..Carine Gutlerner, Piano
..CD (C.E.A. MUSIKA, 2011) / FNAC


C. Gutlerner, piano - Bach, Beethoven, Brahms



J.S. BACH: English Suite  no. II
BEETHOVEN: Sonata op. 109
BRAHMS: Klavierstücke op. 119

Carine Gutlerner, Piano, live concert

CD (Ú-M-K, Budapest, 2010)

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Live Concert

BEETHOVEN : Sonata op. 109 : 1er movement  (4'22)

J. S. BACH : English Suite II (excerpts) : Bourrée 1 / Gigue  (3'39)